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Ralph Sheffield

Ralph Sheffield, American state legislator. Member of Texas Restaurant Association (president 2002-2003, chairman education foundation).


  • Sheffield, Ralph was born on January 11, 1955 in Waco, Texas, United States.

  • Career

    • President, Chief Executive Officer Sheffield, Inc., since 1978. Owner Las Casas Restaurant & Catering, Temple, Texas, since 1982. Member District 55 Texas House of Representatives, since 2008.


    God seeks to transform relationship with and between people. If politics is about how we choose to live together and to treat one another, there is surely a place for discerning the activity of God in politics.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    The ultimate goal to be attained is not only to be saved from something. The purpose God has is to be saved to something.

    Denomination: Methodist


    Every individual should try to be open to others and willing to be changed. Therefore, community members should meet regularly in order to open their hearts, share their knowledge, thoughts and experience.


    Member of Texas Restaurant Association (president 2002-2003, chairman education foundation).


    • Married Debbie Sheffield. Children: Ashley, Adrienne, Josh, Ben.
    • spouse: Debbie Sheffield
    • children: Ashley Sheffield
    • Adrienne Sheffield
    • Josh Sheffield
    • Ben Sheffield
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    Born January 11, 1955
    (age 62)
    • 1978
      President, Sheffield
    • 1978
      Chief Executive Officer, Sheffield
    • 1982
      owner Las Casas Restaurant & Catering
      Temple, Texas, United States
    • 2008
      member, District 55 Texas House of Representatives