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Prince Salm-Salm (Felix Alexander Johann Constatin Nepomuk)

Prince Felix Salm-Salm (1828–1870) was a Prussian military officer of noble birth and soldier of fortune, who served in the Schleswig-Holstein Army (Prussian Army), Austrian Army, the Union Army during the American Civil War, the army of Emperor Maximilian I inMexico and thereafter in the Prussian Army. He was killed in action during the Franco-Prussian War. He was killed at Battle of Gravelotte during Franco-Prussian War on Audust 18, 1870.


  • Wife: Agnes Winona Leclercq Joy
Prince  Salm-Salm
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Born December 25, 1828
Died August 18, 1870
(aged 41)
  • 1862 - 1864
    Colonel, 8th New York Volunteers
  • 1864 - 1865
    Colonel, Commander, 68th New York Volunteers
  • 1865 - 1866
    military commander, District of Atlanta
  • 1866
    chief aide to the emperor, Service of Maximilian


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