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Jack Harvey Levine

Jack Harvey Levine, American real estate investor, general contractor. Recipient Stanley C. Myers President Leadership award Greater Miami Jewish Federation, 1983.


  • Levine, Jack Harvey was born on November 25, 1952 in Coral Gables, Florida, United States. Son of Murray I. and Eileen F. (Lauretz) Levine Seitlin. Bachelor of Science in C.E. cum laude, University Miami, 1973.

    Certified general contractor, Florida.

  • Education

    • Registered mortgage broker, Florida, licensed real estate broker, Florida General partner LFK Properties, South Miami, Florida, since 1979. President Levine Management, Inc., South Miami, since 1980. President Levine Realty, Inc., South Miami, since 1981.

      General partner Columbia Properties, South Miami, since 1981, Highland Park Properties, South Miami, since 1980, Ludlum Square Professional Associates, South Miami, since 1979. General partner Challenger Airport Properties, South Miami, since 1982. Owner Levine Properties, South Miami, since 1973.


    • Board directors Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Miami, 1979-1981, 82–.


    Denomination: Judaism


    Member Camp Judaea Committee, Atlanta, since 1977. Member citizens board University Miami, Coral Gables, since 1982. Member United Jewish Appeal-Young Leadership Cabinet, New York City, since 1981.

    Member Joshua Society National Action Committee-Political Action Committee, Miami, since 1981. Member Builders Association South Florida, American Society of Civil Engineers, Tau Beta Pi. Lodge: B'nai B'rith (treasurer 1981-1982), vice president 1979-1981).


    • father: Murray I. Bachelor of Science
    • mother: Eileen F. (Lauretz) Levine Seitlin. Bachelor of Science
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    Born November 25, 1952
    (age 64)


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