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Jürgen Konrad Mai

Jürgen Konrad Mai, neuroanatomy educator. Certified medical practitioner.


  • Mai, Jürgen Konrad was born on October 2, 1945. Son of Conrad and Wilma (Nock) Mai.

  • Education

    • Student, University Freiburg, 1972. Doctor of Medicine summa cum laude, University Dusseldorf, Germany, 1977.


    • Scientific assistant then oberassistent H. Heine University Dusseldorf, 1979-1983, professor neuroanatomy, since 1983, head department Institute Neuroanatomy, 1988-1990.

    Major achievements

    • Certified medical practitioner.


    • Atlas of the Human Brain, Fourth Edition
    • The fourth edition of Atlas of the Human Brain presents the anatomy of the brain at macroscopic and microscopic levels, featuring different aspects of brain morphology and topography.
    • The Human Nervous System, Second Edition
    • This long-awaited update of the classic, The Human Nervous System, stands as an impressive survey of our knowledge of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system.


    • Married Katarina Steven, March 3, 1983 (divorced). 1 child, Oliver.
    • father: Conrad Mai
    • mother: Wilma (Nock) Mai
    • spouse: Katarina Steven
    • child: Oliver Mai
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    Born October 2, 1945
    (age 71)
    • 1972
      University Freiburg
    • 1977
      University Düsseldorf