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Otto Krueger

Representative from North Dakota


  • He immigrated to the United States in June 1910 and settled in Fessenden, N.Dak.

    In 1959 he moved to Lodi, California and engaged in accounting and farming.

  • Education

    • He attended grade and high school in Russian and German schools, after moving to the US furthered his education through grade and high schools and two years of business school in Fargo, N.Dak., and Great Falls, Mont.


    • During the First World War he served as a private in the Infantry from April 1918 to May 1919, with overseas service in the Ninety-first Division;

      He was elected as a Republican to the Eighty-third, Eighty-fourth, and Eighty-fifth Congresses (January 3, 1953-January 3, 1959) but was not a candidate for renomination in 1958.
    Otto Krueger
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    Born September 7, 1890
    Died June 6, 1963
    (aged 72)
    German parents
    • 1920 - 1940
      county auditor
      Wells County, N.Dak.
    • 1922 - 1940
      clerk, Fessenden school district
    • 1945
      State treasurer
    • 1946 - 1951
      State insurance commissioner
    • 1948 - 1952
      State treasurer of the Republican Party
    • 1951
      budget director
    • 1952
      budget director


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