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Helmut Werner

Helmut Werner, German chemist, educator. Recipient Pacific West Coast Inorganic Lectureship, American Chemical Society, 1987, Alfred-Stock-Gedächtnispreis, German Chemical Society, 1988, Max-Planck-Research award, 1994, J.C. Mutis award, Spanish Ministry of Science, 1995, Paolo-Chini-Memorial lecturer, Italian Chemical Society, 1995.


  • Werner, Helmut was born on April 19, 1934 in Mülhausen, Germany.

  • Education

    • Undergrad., University Jena, Germany, 1957. Doctor of Philosophy, Technische Hochschule, Munich, Germany, 1961. Habilitation, Technische Hochschule, Munich, Germany, 1966.

      Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), University Zaragoza, Spain, 2001. Doctor of Philosophy (honorary), University Jena, Germany, 2006.


    • Dean faculty chemistry and pharmacy University Wuerzburg, 1987—1989. Postdoctoral fellow California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, 1962—1963. Visiting professor chemistry department Catholic University Chile, Santiago, 1984.

      Visiting professor research unit National Center for Science Research, Toulouse, France, 1990. Lecturer Technology University Munich, 1967—1968. Assistant professor University Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, 1968, professor inorganic chemistry, Switzerland, 70.

      Professor inorganic chemistry, head inorganic department University Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, 1975. Visiting professor chemical laboratory University Cambridge, Cambridge, England, 1983. Visiting professor chemical department University Zaragoza, Spain, 2003.

      Gordon Stone lecturer, 04.


    • Contributor articles to professional journals.


    Fellow: Japan Society for Promotion of Science, Royal Society Chemistry. Member: German National Academy of Sciences, New York Academy of Sciences.
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    Born April 19, 1934
    • 1957
      University Jena
    • 1961
      Technische Hochschule
    • 1966
      Technische Hochschule
    • 2001
      University Zaragoza
    • 2006
      University Jena
    • 1987 - 1989
      Dean faculty chemist, ry and pharmacy University Wuerzburg