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Wolfgang Hans-Helmut Roland Merbach

Wolfgang Hans-Helmut Roland Merbach, German agricultural chemist, researcher.


  • Merbach, Wolfgang Hans-Helmut Roland was born on July 17, 1939 in Ranis, Germany. Son of Kurt Robert and Marie Elisabeth (Franke) Merbach.

  • Education

    • Diploma, University Jena, Germany, 1964. Digital Array Gas-cell correlation radiometer, University Jena, Germany, 1970. Habilitation, University Halle, 1982.


    • Production manager Agricultural Cooperative, Krausnick, Germany, 1964-1965. Research assistant Institute Agricultural Chemistry, University Jena, 1966-1970. Lecturer, senior science Institute Plant Nutrition, University Halle, Germany, 1970-1986.

      Department head Research Center Soil Fertility, Müncheberg, Germany, 1986-1991. Head Institute Ecophysiology, vice director Center Agrarlandscape and Land Use Research, Germany, 1992-1995, head Institute Rhizosphere Research and Plant Nutrition Germany, 1995-1998. Professor plant physiology and nutrition, vice dean University Halle-Wittenberg, 1998—2000, dean, 2000—2003.

      Chairman expert commission science and research, Land Brandenburg, Potsdam, Germany, 1993-1998, Land Saxonia-Anhalt, Magdeburg, since 1999. Active federal expert commission science and technical, Bonn, Germany, 1994-2000. Expert commission global change, environment, since 2007, Berlin.


    • Editor: Ecophysiology of Rhizosphere, 1991—2007, Microecological Processes in the Plant-Soil System, 1995, Plant Matter Uptake and Microbial Interactions in the Rhizosphere, 1996, Rhizosphere Processes, Environmental Stress and Stability of Ecosystems, 1997, Plant Nutrition, Root Performance and Exudation, 1998. Co-editor: Zentrablatt Mikrobiologie, 1989-1993, German Journal Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 1991—2007, Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, since 2004, Behaviour of Radioactive Nuclides in the Plant-Soil System, 1993, Biology and Fertility of Soils, since 1997, Lead in the Environment Part IV Fate and Effects in Plants, Ecosystems and Food Chains, 1997, Turnover in the Root Vicinity, 1999, Long-term Trials in Halle, 1999, Mass and Trace Elements, 1999, Rhizodeposition and Matter Use, 2000, Physiology and Function of Plant Roots, 2001, Wetlands in Central Europe, 2002, Process Regulation in the Rhizosphere, 2003, Progress in Plant Nutrition, 2002, Root Induced Soil Processes, 2004, Root Functions and Environmental Factors, 2005, Reactions and Substance in Rhizospheres, 2006, Ecophysiologiacal Interactions in the Rooted Soil Layer, 2007, The Long Term Fertilizaton Trials in Halle, Germany-A Tool for Sustainable and Environmentally Compatible Management, 2007. Contributor articles to science and political journals.


    Member roundtable German Democratic Republic, Berlin, 1989—1990. Co-chairman environmental advisory board Protestant Church, 1991—1997. Member executive committee Christian Democratic Union, Brandenburg, 1991—1997, Sachsen-Anhalt, 2000—2002, since 2004.

    Member of European Society Agronomy, German Society Plant Nutrition (deputy chairman 1993-1997, chairman 1997—2001), German. Botanical Society, German Soil Science Society.



    Policy, geography, history.


    • Children: Annette, Markus, Claudia.
    • father: Kurt Robert Merbach
    • mother: Marie Elisabeth (Franke) Merbach
    • children: Annette Merbach
    • Markus Merbach
    • Claudia Merbach
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    Born July 17, 1939
    • 1964
      University Jena
    • 1970
      University Jena
    • 1982
      University Halle
    • 2003
      professor, plant physiology and nutrition
      Dean, Victoria, Australia
    • 1964 - 1965
      Production manager, Agricultural Cooperative
      Krausnick, Brandenburg, Germany, Germany
    • 1966 - 1970
      research assistant, Institute Agricultural Chemistry
    • 1970 - 1986
      lecturer, science Institute Plant Nutrition
    • 1970 - 1986
      senior, science Institute Plant Nutrition
    • 1986 - 1991
      department head, Research Center Soil Fertility
      Müncheberg, Brandenburg, Germany, Germany
    • 1992 - 1995
      head, Center Agrarlandscape and Land Use Research
    • 1992 - 1995
      vice director, Center Agrarlandscape and Land Use Research
    • 1998
      professor, plant physiology and nutrition
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