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Manuel Cardona

Manuel Cardona, Spanish physics professor.


  • Cardona, Manuel was born on July 9, 1934 in Barcelona, Spain. Son of Juan and Angela (Castro) Cardona.

  • Education

    • Licenciado en Ciencias, University Barcelona, 1955. Doctor of Science, University Madrid, 1958. Master of Science, Harvard University, 1958.

      Doctor of Philosophy, Harvard University, 1959. Degree (honorary), Brown University. Doctor (honorary), University Autónoma de, Madrid, 1985.

      Doctor (honorary), University Autónom de Barcelona, 1985. Doctor (honorary), University Regensburg, Germany, 1994. Doctor (honorary), Sherbrooke University of Canberra, 1994.

      Doctor (honorary), University La Sapienza, Roma, 1995. Doctor (honorary), University Toulouse, 1998. Doctor (honorary), University Thessaloniki, 2001.

      Doctor (honorary), Masaryk University, Brno, 2002. Doctor (honorary), Valencia University, 2004. Doctor (honorary), University La Laguna, 2006.


    • Member technical staff Radio Corporation of America Labs, Zurich, Switzerland, 1959-1961, Princeton, New Jersey, 1961-1964. Associate professor physics Brown University, Providence, 1964-1966, professor physics, 1966-1971. Director Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany, 1971-2000, emeritus Germany, since 2000.

      Member Medaglia A. Volta University Pavia, 1998, Doctor hockey club Cinvestav, Mexico, 2010. Adjunct professor University Stuttgart, since 1973, University Konstanz, since 1990. Lecturer Air New Zealand, 2001.

      Member French National Committee for Evaluation Science Research, 1999—2001.


    • Editor-in-chief Solid State Communications, Oxford, England, 1992-2004. Member board editors Physica Status Solidi, Berlin, since 1971. Associate editor Physical Review Letters, Upton, New York, 1989-1992.

      Editor Solid State Science Series Springer, since 1975. Author: Modulation Spectroscopy, 1969, Fundamentals of Semiconductors, 1995, 3d edition, 2001. Others.

      Contributor numerous articles to professional journals.


    Denomination: Lutheran


    Fellow: Royal Society of Canada, Institute of Physics (London), American Physical Society (Frank Isakson prize 1984, John Wheatley award 1997, Outstanding Referee award 2008). Member: National Academy of Sciences of the United States (ordinary member), Academia dei Lincei Rome (elected foreign member 2008), International Union Pure and Applied Physics (chairman semiconductors commission 1996—2002), Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain (correspondent member), Mexico Academy of Sciences (correspondent), Academia Europaea, German Physical Society, European Physical Society, Academy of Sciences of Barcelona, Armed Forces Ioffe Institute (honorary).


    • Married Inge Hecht; children: Michael, Angela, Steven.
    • father: Juan Cardona
    • mother: Angela (Castro) Cardona
    • spouse: Inge Hecht
    • children: Michael Cardona
    • Angela Cardona
    • Steven Cardona
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    Born July 9, 1934
    • 1955
      University Barcelona
    • 1958
      University Madrid
    • 1958
      Harvard University
    • 1959
      Harvard University
    • 1985
      University Autónoma de
    • 1985
      University Autónom de Barcelona
    • 1994
      University Regensburg
    • 1994
      Sherbrooke University
    • 1995
      University La Sapienza
    • 1998
      University Toulouse
    • 2001
      University Thessaloniki
    • 2002
      Masaryk University
    • 2004
      Valencia University
    • 2006
      University La Laguna
    • 1959 - 1961
      Member, technical staff Radio Corporation of America Labs
      Zurich, Switzerland, Switzerland
    • 1961 - 1964
      Member, technical staff Radio Corporation of America Labs
      Princeton, New Jersey, United States
    • 1964 - 1966
      associate, professor physics Brown University
      Providence, Rhode Island, United States
    • 1971
      director, Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
      Stuttgart, Arkansas, United States
    • 1998
      member, Medaglia A. Volta University Pavia
    • 2010
      member, Medaglia A. Volta University Pavia
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