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Nikolaus Peter Weger

Nikolaus Peter Weger, pharmacologist, toxicologist. Speaker university students, Tuebingen, 1954-1958; president CSU, Inning, Bavaria, 1966-1974; pre. school parents organization, Inning, 1966-1980; president Catholic Church Bishop Delegates, Augsburg, 1966-1980.


  • Weger, Nikolaus Peter was born on January 1, 1930. Son of Josef and Franziska Weger.

  • Education

    • Doctor of Medicine, University Tuebingen, Germany, 1958. Pharmacologist, toxicologist, University Munich, 1970. Professor, University Munich, 1976.


    • Head department toxicology University Munich, 1970. Family physician Munich, 1984-1986. Governor and family physician, 1987-1996.

      Medical consultant various locations, United States, 1987-1996. Senior consultant Euro Medica Clinic of Allergy, Immunology, Holistic Medicine, since 1996.

    Major achievements

    • Achievements include research in antidote DMAP in cyanide DMPS in heavy metal in toxicology. Protein-Calorie Malnutrition -4 for effective treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. New 90% effective treatment of allergy, neurodermatitis by active and passive deimmunization, in multiple sclerosis, neropathy, neural pain by 20-fold bioavailiability of vitamin B.

      Identification of Weger Syndrome as intoxication of whole intestine, ulcerous ileo-colitis with spastic pain in intestine MCS, Cerebrospinal fluid, biopathic anaphyllaxia and its new 95 percent effective treatment. Effective new treatment of metastatic kidney carcinoma after surgery by specific and general immune therapy in cooperation with University Göttingen. Immunodeficiency diseases by hyperthermia and vitamin B-high bioavailability at neural pain and infection of neural cell and nerves Bare-Syndrom, herpes zoster, neural damage, lumbago, etc.


    • Author 8 books. Contributor articles to research publications.


    Speaker university students, Tuebingen, 1954-1958. President CSU, Inning, Bavaria, 1966-1974. Pre. school parents organization, Inning, 1966-1980.

    President Catholic Church Bishop Delegates, Augsburg, 1966-1980.


    • Married Maria Luise Stoehr. Children: Matthias, Veronika, Sabine, Gabrielle, Andreas, Martin.
    • father: Josef Weger
    • mother: Franziska Weger
    • spouse: Maria Luise Stoehr
    • children: Matthias Weger
    • Veronika Weger
    • Sabine Weger
    • Gabrielle Weger
    • Andreas Weger
    • Martin Weger
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    Born January 1, 1930
    • 1958
      University Tuebingen
    • 1970
    • 1976
      University Munich
    • 1970
      Head, department toxicology University Munich
    • 1984 - 1986
      family physician, Munich
    • 1987 - 1996
      governor and family physician
    • 1987 - 1996
      medical consultant, various locations
    • 1996
      senior, consultant Euro Medica Clinic of Allergy