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Deborah Adele Aidelson

Deborah Adele Aidelson, American actuary, consultant.


  • Aidelson, Deborah Adele was born on December 8, 1968 in Savannah, Georgia, United States. Daughter of Sidney and Ruth Fay (Kosover) S.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Yeshiva University, New York City, 1989.


    • Actuary Kwasha Lipton, Inc., Fort Lee, New Jersey, 1989-1990, American International Group, New York City, since 1990.


    • father: Sidney S.
    • mother: Ruth Fay (Kosover) S.
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    Born December 8, 1968
    (age 48)
    • 1989
      Yeshiva University
    • 1989 - 1990
      Actuary Kwasha Lipton
      Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States