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Harold Moise (Harold A. Moise)

Harold A. Moise was a successful attorney and representative of the 12th district in the Louisiana state legislature.


  • Harold Moise was born in Natchitoches, Louisiana on August 23, 1879.

  • Career

    • He was admitted to the Louisiana bar in 1902. He practiced in New orleans till 1937

      In 1908 he was elected a member of the lower house of the Louisiana state legislature, as representative of the 12th district.

      In 1920-1937 he served as a general counsel of the Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans.

      del. Constl. Conv., chmn. Com. Gen. Provisions, 1921;

      In 1937-1940 he served as a judge for the Civil District Court (Div. C. Parish Orleans), in 1946-1948 he was a presiding judge.

      He was a member of the Supreme Court of Louisiana in 1948-1958.


    Denomination: Catholic


    • father: James Campbell Moise - United States
    • mother: Marie Aline (Sompayrac) Moise - United States
    • 1st wife: Leigh Bres
    • 2-nd wife: Amelia Keyes O’Neal
    • children: Alice, Marian, Harold, James, Ernestine
    Harold Moise
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    Died September 26, 1958
    (aged 79)
    • 1899
      Cote Brillient College
    • 1902
      Tulane University


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    • Religions
      • Catholic
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