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Haidy Geismar

Haidy Geismar, curator. British Academy Small Research Grant, 2004, Social Science Fellowship, New Zealand-United Kingdom Link Foundation, 2004, Digital Anthropology Fellowship, University College London, since 2009. Member of Pacific Arts Association, Association Social Anthropology Oceania (grant 2007), American Anthropological Association, Royal Anthropological Institute.


  • Bachelor with honor, Pembroke College Cambridge University; Master of Arts, Pembroke College Cambridge University, 1997; Master of Arts with distinction, University College London, 1999; Doctor of Philosophy, University College London, 2003.


  • Assistant professor New York University, New York City, since 2004; Curator (exhibition) Loaded Out: Making a Museum for the DSNY, Vanuatu Stael: Kastom and Creativity.


  • Pacific Arts Association

  • Association Social Anthropology Oceania (grant 2007)

  • American Anthropological Association

  • Royal Anthropological Institute


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  • 1997
    Pembroke College Cambridge University
  • 1999
    University College London
  • 2003
    University College London
  • 2004
    Assistant, professor New York University