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Jenny Maria Teresa Castillo

Jenny Maria Teresa Castillo, American foreign language professional, educator. City University of New York fellow, since 1990.


  • Castillo, Jenny Maria Teresa was born on August 8, 1960 in Lima, Peru. Came to the United States, 1968. Daughter of Jose Estanislao and Maria Teresa Castillo.

  • Education

    • Bachelor magna cum laude, Queens College, 1982. Master of Arts, Queens College, 1985. Postgraduate student, City University of New York, 1991—1995.

      Doctor of Philosophy in Hipsanic Luso Brazilian Lits., City University of New York, 1996.


    • Literary translator Queens College, New York City, 1982-1985, instructor, lecturer, 1983-1985. Instructor Holy Cross College, Flushing, New York, 1985-1988. Assistant professor Bernard Baruch College, New York City, 1987—2002.

      Foreign language advisory Hunter College City University of New York, since 2002, assistant professor, since 2002, program director teacher education program in foreign language. Deputy chair, curriculum and teaching coordinator Foreign Language Education and Teaching Opportunity Program. Treasurer Marketing Committee Holy Cross College, Flushing, 1985-1988.

      Instructor Queens College, New York City, since 1991. Member council on foreign languages education City University of New York, coordinator, program director Foreign Language Education Program and Teaching Opportunity Program for Spanish, since 2003.


    • El Español de los Estados Unidos (Spanish Edition)
    • How long has Spanish been spoken in the US and how many people speak it today? Is Spanish being passed down through generations? What role does Spanish play in US Latino identity? Analysing and synthesising data from a wide variety of sources, Escobar and Potowski explore these questions and more in this up-to-date textbook for students of Spanish language, linguistics, bilingualism, sociolinguistics, culture, and history.
    • Author: La mia voce, 1979, La sombra, 1980, Motivaciones existenciales en el Segundo Cernuda, 1937-1962, 1999, El Espanol de los Estados Unidos, 2004, Distance Education and the Foreign Language Classroom: Issues and Challenges in Preparing Novice Foreign Language Teachers to Use the Internet, 2004, Distance Education and the Foreign Language Learning Arena in Information and Document Design, 2006. Contributor articles to professional journals.


    Developer Literacy Competencies in Spanish Adolscent Heritage Classroom in Geolinguistics, 2009. Member Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (portfolio assessment committee, policy committee), Northeast Modern Language Association, American Society Geolinguists, Spanish Honor Society (secretary 1982-1986), Hispanics and Peruvians Association (spokesperson since 1991), American Museum Natural History (associate), Hispania, Western Studies Civilization, American Council Teachers Foreign Languages, Northeast Council Teachers of Foreign Languages, American Association Teachers Spanish and Portuguese.



    Piano, reading, tennis, drawing.


    • father: Jose Estanislao
    • mother: Maria Teresa Castillo
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    Born August 8, 1960
    (age 57)
    • 1982
      Queens College
    • 1985
      Queens College
    • 1996
      City University of New York
    • 1982 - 1985
      Literary translator Queens College
    • 1985 - 1988
      instructor, Holy Cross College
      Flushing, New York, United States
    • 1987 - 2002
      assistant, professor Bernard Baruch College
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