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Mark Rais

Mark Rais, composer, musicologist, acoustician. Recipient 1st prize Physical-Mathematics Olympiad, City of Magnitogorsk, 1966, award Komsomol Committee, Magnitogorsk, 1968, award Russian Choral Society, 1969, 1st prize Competition of Young Composers of Baltic Republican, 1976, prize Competition of Estonian Musicologists, 1978, prize Arts Center, Karnolski, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1996; Culture Capital creative grantee, 1996, 99.


  • Rais, Mark was born on June 14, 1951 in Magnitogork, Russia. Arrived in Estonia, 1972. Son of Lev and Ljubov (Kaz) Rais.

  • Education

    • Student, Musical College, Magnitogorsk, 1970. Student, Conservatory, Tallinn, Estonia, 1977.


    • Teacher mus.-theoretical disciplines and piano Musical College, Magnitogorsk, 1970-1972. Lecturer Music House, 1967-1972. Teacher of piano Culture House, Tallinn, 1977-1983.

      President Computer Music and Museum Informatics Association, 1989-1999. Freelance composer and musicologist, Tallinn, since 1983. Radio journalist Estonian radio, Tallinn, 1977, 94—.


    • AZ: Anno Zombie
    • It’s the dawn of a new era…the year of the zombie!   Fire rained from the sky over Tucson that day.


    Denomination: Judaism


    Member Memorial, Moscow, 1986-1988. Vice chairman Memento, Tallinn, 1989-1992. Member ISAST, Estonian Composers' Union, Jewish Community of Estonia.



    Collecting horoscopes, stamp collecting/philately, travel, exhibitions, concerts.


    • father: Lev Rais
    • mother: Ljubov (Kaz) Rais
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    Born June 14, 1951
    (age 66)
    • 1970
      Musical College
    • 1977
    • 1967 - 1972
      lecturer, Music House
    • 1970 - 1972
      Teacher, mus.-theoretical disciplines and piano Musical College
      Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation
    • 1977 - 1983
      teacher, of piano Culture House
      Tallinn, Estonia, Estonia
    • 1989 - 1999
      president, Computer Music and Museum Informatics Association