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Jabar Shumate

Jabar Shumate, American state legislator.


  • Shumate, Jabar was born on January 26, 1976 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, University Oklahoma. MHR, University Oklahoma, Tulsa.


    • Past press secretary University Oklahoma. Member District 73 Oklahoma House Representatives, since 2005. Vice chairman Aerospace and Technology Committee, since 2005.

      Member Commerce Committee, since 2005, Industrial and Labor Committee, since 2005, Higher Education Committee, since 2005.


    God loves the world, sending Jesus to die for the sins of the whole world and, in Christ, is reconciling to Himself people from every tribe, tongue, and nation.

    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Creed or other statements should be rejected as they may compromise each believer’s obligation to interpret Scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and within the community of faith.

    Denomination: Baptist


    Christians should read the Bible as part of a faith community, and try to put themselves into the story of God's dealings with humanity.


    • Son of Glenn Shumate and Cleatta Johnson, Joseph Johnson (Stepfather).
    • father: Glenn Shumate
    • mother: Cleatta Johnson
    Jabar Shumate
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    Born January 26, 1976
    (age 41)
    • 2005
      member, District 73 Oklahoma House Representatives
    • 2005
      vice chairman, Aerospace and Technology Committee
    • 2005
      member, Commerce Committee
    • 2005
      member, Commerce Committee
    • 2005
      member, Commerce Committee