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Alfred G. Foreman

Alfred G. Foreman, American theologian, philosopher. Member International Palm Society, Center for Islam and Science.


  • Foreman, Alfred G. was born on March 19, 1960 in Sulfur, Louisiana, United States. Son of Grover Foreman and Stella Kibodeaux.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, University Louisiana, Lafayette, 1987. Master of Arts, Liberty University, 1991.


    • Founder S. Louisiana Weather Station, Crowley, since 1986. Pastor Church of God, 1986—2002. With Imam Al-Ruh-Al-Amin Masjid, since 2003.

      Lecturer Islamic Center, Lafayette, Louisiana, 1983-1984, Louisiana Philosophical Institute Humanities, Crowley, 1993-2004.


    • Author: The Ecclesiastic Order: The Apology, 2002, The Christian and Islamic Thesis in History, 2002, Sadr Al-Din Shirazi and Hajji Sabziwari, Trans-substantial Motion and History: Toward a Definition of Unified Field of Knowledge from the Microcosm to the Macrocosm, 2006, The Exposition of Islamic Philosophy I: Book of Philosophy, Prophetic Wisdom and Directives, 2007, The Exposition of Islamic Philosophy II: Book of Islamic Thesis in History, Doctrine of Comprehensiveness, 2007, The Exposition of Islamic Philosophy III: Book of Christian Thesis in History, Ecclesiastic Order: Apology, 2007, The Eclectic and Cosmological Constant, 2007. Director South Louisiana Weather Journal, since 1986.


    Member International Palm Society, Center for Islam and Science.


    • father: Grover Foreman
    • mother: Stella Kibodeaux
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    Born March 19, 1960
    (age 57)
    • 1987
      University Louisiana
    • 1991
      Liberty University
    • 1986 - 2002
      pastor Church of God
    • 1986
      Founder S. Louisiana Weather Station
      Crowley, Texas, United States
    • 2003
      with Imam Al-Ruh-Al-Amin Masjid