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Minnie Anna Seng

Minnie Anna Seng, American librarian, editor. Member American Horticultural Society, American Association of University Women.; Member Christian Church.


  • Seng, Minnie Anna was born on November 30, 1909 in Muskegon, Michigan, United States. Daughter of Edward and Ella Barbara (Pattie) Seng.

  • Education

    • Student Muskegon Community College, 1927-1929.


    • Assistant medical librarian University Iowa, 1935-1939. Cataloger Bay City (Michigan) Public Library, 1939-1940. Order librarian Michigan Technological University, Houghton, 1940-1942.

      Continuations cataloger University Arkansas, 1943-1944. Head cataloger California State University, Fresno, 1944-1959. Editor Education Index, Heriot-Watt University Wilson Company, Publications, Bronx, New York, 1959-1966.

      Head cataloger St. Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa, 1967-1972. Periodicals librarian Frostburg (Maryland) State University, 1972-1974. Retired, 1974.


    Party affiliation: Democrat


    Denomination: Christian Church


    Member American Horticultural Society, American Association of University Women. Member Christian Church.


    • father: Edward Seng
    • mother: Ella Barbara (Pattie) Seng
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    Born November 30, 1909


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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