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Henry Drury Hatfield


  • Son of Elias and Elizabeth (Chafin) Hatfield.

    On March 27, 1894 he married Miss S. C. Bronson. They had a daughter, Hazel Hatfield (Mrs. Benjamin F. Fairless).

  • Education

    • A.B., Franklin Coll., 1890;

      M.D., U. Louisville, 1894, N.Y. U., 1904;

      5 post-grad. N.Y. Polyclinic Med. Sch. and Hosp., also post-grad. N.Y. Post-Grad. Sch. and Hosp. and Cornell U. Med. Coll.;

      LL.D., Bethany Coll., W.Va., 1915, also Franklin Coll., U. W.Va.


    • Practiced at Eckman, W.Va.;

      commr. health Mingo County, 1895-1900;

      surgeon Norfolk & Western Ry., 1895, 1913, and cons. surgeon same, 1917-29;

      surgeon in chief W.Va. State Hosp. No. 1, Welch, W.Va., 1899-1913;

      vis. surgeon Huntington (W.Va.) Meml. Hosp. Mem. County Ct. McDowell County, 1906-12;

      mem. State Senate, 1908-11 (pres. Senate 1911);

      gov. W.Va., 1913-17;

      mem. U.S. Senate, term 1929-35.

      Served as maj. M.C., U.S. Army, May 1917-19;

      chief surg. service Base Hosp. No. 36; now lt. col. Res. Was sec. Rep. Central Com. McDowell County, W.Va., 8 yrs., chmn. Rep. Central Com. Cabell County 4 yrs. and mem. Rep. State Central Com., 1920-24;

      del. to Rep. Nat Conv., 1916, 32.

      Fellow A.C.S., So. Med. Assn.;

      mem Am., W.Va. Cabell County med. socs., So. States Assn., Ry Surgeons, Assn. Mil. Surgeons U.S., Res. Officers’ Assn. U.S., Internat. Coll. Surgeons, Am. Legion, others;

      hon. mem. McDowell County Med. Soc.


    Party affiliation: Republican Party


    • father: Elias
    • mother: Elizabeth
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    Born September 15, 1875
    Died October 23, 1962
    (aged 87)
    • 1890
      Franklin College
    • 1900 - 1905
      commissioner of district roads
    • 1911
      president of the senate
    • 1912
      Governor of West Virginia


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