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Hannibal Price

Hannibal Price, Haitian diplomat. Member Societe Francaise de Legislation Comparee (life).


  • Price, Hannibal was born on July 9, 1875 in Cape Haitien. Son of Hannibal and Josephine (Curet) Price.

  • Education

    • Classical studies, College of Beauvais, France. Graduate National Law School Port-au-Prince, Hayti.


    • Practiced law in Port-au-Prince. Appointed secretary to President Hyppolite, 1893, later secretary to President Sam. Secretary Haitian Legation, Washington, District of Columbia, 1911-1913.

      Member National Bureau du Contentieux, Haiti, later counselor of state. Envoy Extraordinary anu Minister Plenipotentiary from Haiti to the United States since January 1925.


    • Author of various legal works and a dictionary of Haitian laws.


    Denomination: Catholic


    Member Societe Francaise de Legislation Comparee (life).


    • Married Amelie Lizaire, of Port-au-Prince, July 9, 1902.
    • father: Hannibal Price
    • mother: Josephine (Curet) Price
    • spouse: Amelie Lizaire
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    Born July 9, 1875


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      • Amelie Lizaire
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      • Author of various legal works and a dictionary of Haitian laws.
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      • Josephine (Curet) Price
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