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Jonathan Brewster Bingham

Jonathan Brewster Bingham, American former congressman, lawyer. Bar: New York 1940. Yale Corporation fellow, 1949-1951; recipient Staff citation War Department, 1945.


  • Bingham, Jonathan Brewster was born on April 24, 1914 in New Haven. Son of Hiram and Alfreda (Mitchell) Bingham.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Yale University, 1936. Juris Doctor, Yale University, 1939.


    • Practiced in New York City, 1939-1941, 46-51, 53-54, 59-61, 83–. With O.P.A., 1941-1942. Chief Alien Enemy Control Section, Department State, 1945-1946, assistant director Office International Security Affairs, 1951.

      Deputy administrator Technology Cooperative (Point Four), 1951-1953. Member firm Goldwater & Flynn, 1959-1961. Secretary to governor New York State, 1955-1958.

      United States representative in United Nations Trusteeship Council, 1961-1962, president, 1962. Principal adviser to the United States ambassador to United Nations on colonial and trusteeship questions, 1961-1962. United States representative with rank ambassador UNECOSOC, 1962-1963.

      Also alternate representative 15th-18th General Assemblies. Member United States mission United Nations, 1961-1964, 89th-92d congresses from 23d District New York, 93d-97th congresses from 22d District New York. Member foreign affairs and interior and insular affairs committee, chairman subcommittee on international economic policy and trade.

      Special counsel Pryor, Cashman, Sherman & Flynn New York City, from 1983. Lecturer Columbia University School Law.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: New York 1940.


    • Author: Shirt Sleeve Diplomacy-Point 4 in Action, 1954, (with Alfred M. Bingham) Violence and Democracy, 1970
    • also articles.


    Board directors People for American Way, United Nations Development Corporation, Institute International Education. Board directors United States Committee United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, Population Crisis Committee. Co-chairman Franklin Delano Roosevelt Four Freedoms Foundation.

    President Bronx County Society Mental Health, 1960-1962. Member, past president Bronx Boys' Club. Trustee emeritus 20th Century Fund.

    Served to captain Army of the United States, 1943-1945. Member Association Bar City New York, Council Foreign Relations New York City Clubs: Century Association (New York City).


    • Married June Rossbach, September 20, 1939. Children: Sherrell Bingham Downes, June Mitchell Bingham Esselstyn, Timothy Woodbridge, Claudia Rossbach (now Gurunam Bhajan Kaur Khalsa).
    • father: Hiram Bingham
    • mother: Alfreda (Mitchell) Bingham
    • spouse: June Rossbach
    • children: Sherrell Bingham Downes Bingham
    • June Mitchell Bingham Esselstyn Bingham
    • Timothy Woodbridge Bingham
    • Claudia Rossbach Bingham (now Gurunam Bhajan Kaur Khalsa)
    Jonathan Brewster Bingham
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    Born April 24, 1914
    Died July 3, 1986
    (aged 72)
    • 1936
      Yale University
    • 1939
      Yale University
    • 1939 - 1941
      Practice, d in New York City
    • 1941 - 1942
      with O.P.A.
    • 1945 - 1946
      chief Alien Enemy Control Section
    • 1951 - 1953
      deputy administrator, Technology Cooperative (Point Four)
    • 1955 - 1958
      secretary, to governor New York State
    • 1959 - 1961
      member, firm Goldwater & Flynn
    • 1961 - 1962
      principal adviser to United States ambassador, to United Nations on colonial and trusteeship questions
    • 1961 - 1964
      member, United States mission United Nations
    • 1962 - 1963
      United States representative with rank ambassador, UNECOSOC
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