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George Archibald Clark

George Archibald Clark, American academic administrator, seal fur commissioner.


  • Clark, George Archibald was born on November 7, 1864 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States. Son of James and Prudence (Sterritt) Clark.

  • Education

    • B.L., University of Minnesota, 1891, Master of Arts, 1911.


    • With Stanford University from 1891, secretary, 1896-1809, academic secretary, from 1909. Secretary Bering Sea Fur Seal Commission, 1896-1897. Secretary International Fur Seal Conference, Washington, District of Columbia, 1897, also joint secretary conference fur seal experts.

      Special fur seal investigator, Pribilof Islands, seasons of 1909, 12, 13. Author: (with David Starr Jordan) Volumes I and II, Report of Fur Seal Commission, 1896-1897.


    • Married Jennie Chestnut Corriston, December 24, 1891.
    • father: James Clark
    • mother: Prudence (Sterritt) Clark
    • spouse: Jennie Chestnut Corriston
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    • January 1, 1896
      Secretary, President Jordan Office
      Washington, USA
    • January 1, 1896 - January 1, 1897
      Secretary, Bering Sea Fur Seal Commn
    • January 1, 1897
      Secretary, Internat. Fur Seal Conference


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