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John Sherman Cooper

John Sherman Cooper, American lawyer, diplomat. Headed reorganization German judicial system, Bavaria, after hostilities ceased, 1945. Decorated Bronze Star.


  • Cooper, John Sherman was born on August 23, 1901 in Somerset, Kentucky, United States. Son of John Sherman and Helen Gertrude (Tartar) Cooper.

  • Education

    • Student, Centre College, Kentucky, 1919. AB, Yale University, 1923. Postgraduate, Harvard Law School, 1925.

      Postgraduate honorary degrees, University Kentucky. Postgraduate honorary degrees, University Pittsburgh. Postgraduate honorary degrees, Yale University.

      Postgraduate honorary degrees, Georgetown College. Postgraduate honorary degrees, Berea College. Postgraduate honorary degrees, Eastern Kentucky State University.

      Postgraduate honorary degrees, Lincoln Memorial University. Postgraduate honorary degrees, Nasson College. Postgraduate honorary degrees, Centre College.

      Postgraduate honorary degrees, Thomas More College. Postgraduate honorary degrees, Pikeville College. Postgraduate honorary degrees, Morehead State University.

      Postgraduate honorary degrees, Georgetown University. Postgraduate honorary degrees, University Louisville.


    • Member lower house Kentucky Legislature, 1928-1930. Judge Pulaski County, Kentucky, 1930-1938. Circuit judge 28th Judicial District Kentucky, 1946.

      Member United States Senate from Kentucky, 1947-1948, 52-55, 57-73. Member committee foreign relations, public works and environment, committee rules and administration, member select committee on standards and conduct. Appointed adviser to Secretary State Acheson, North Atlantic Treaty Organization meetings, 1950-1951.

      United States delegate General Assembly, United Nations, 1949-1951, 68, 81. United States ambassador to India Nepal, 1955-1956, German Democratic Republic, 1974-1976. Member law firm Gardner, Morrison & Rogers, Washington, 1949-1951.

      Of counsel Covington & Burling (attorneys), 1973-1974, from 1976. Adjunct professor George Washington University, 1973-1974. Member President's Commission to Investigate Assassination of President Kennedy, 1964.

    Major achievements

    • Headed reorganization German judicial system, Bavaria, after hostilities ceased, 1945.


    The diversity of religious expressions is guaranteed by the separation of church and state. However, church and state should interact in different social and political fields for the benefit of the whole society.

    Party affiliation: Republican


    Since a human being is the central factor in the plan of salvation, the Gospel must be taught, understood and accepted by him.

    Denomination: Baptist


    It is important to experience of God's grace working in the lives of people. Wisdom and maturity are gained from life experience, especially during the prayer and sharing stories with other Christians.


    Trustee Centre College, John F. Kennedy School Government, Harvard. Served from private to captain Army of the United States, 1942-1945, European Theatre of Operations. Member American, Kentucky, District of Columbia Bar associations, American Academy Political Science, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Beta Theta Pi.

    Clubs: Rotarian.


    • Married Lorraine Rowan Shevlin, March 17, 1955.
    • father: John Sherman Cooper
    • mother: Helen Gertrude (Tartar) Cooper
    • spouse: Lorraine Rowan Shevlin
    John Sherman Cooper
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    Born August 23, 1901
    Died February 21, 1991
    (aged 89)
    • 1919
      Centre College
    • 1923
      Yale University
    • 1925
      Harvard Law School
    • 1928 - 1930
      Member, lower house Kentucky Legislature
    • 1930 - 1938
      judge Pulaski County
      Kentucky, United States
    • 1946
      circuit judge 28th Judicial District Kentucky
    • 1947 - 1948
      member, United States Senate from Kentucky
    • 1949 - 1951
      member, law firm Gardner
      Washington, United States
    • 1949 - 1951
      United States delaware General Assembly
      Un, Uttar Pradesh, India, India
    • 1950 - 1951
      appointed adviser to Secretary, State Acheson
    • 1955 - 1956
      United States ambassador, to India Nepal
    • 1973 - 1974
      of counsel, Covington & Burling (attorneys)
    • 1974 - 1976
      United States ambassador, to India Nepal
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