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Gillian Leigh Anderson

Gillian Leigh Anderson is an American actress. After beginning her career in theatre, Anderson achieved international recognition for her role as Special Agent Dana Scully on the American television series The X-Files. Her film work includes The House of Mirth (2000), The Mighty Celt (2005), The Last King of Scotland (2006), and two X-Files films, The X-Files (1998) and The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008).


  • Ethnicity: Anderson is the daughter of Rosemary Anderson (née Lane), a computer analyst, and Edward Anderson, who owned a film post-production company.

  • Soon after Gillian's birth, her family moved to Puerto Rico for 15 months; she then lived for five years in Roseberry Gardens, London N4, and finally for 15 months in Albany Road, London N4, so that her father could attend the London Film School. When Anderson was 11 years old, her family moved again, this time to Grand Rapids, Michigan. With her English accent and background, Anderson was mocked and felt out of place in the American Midwest and soon adopted a Midwest accent. To this day, her accent depends on her location — for instance, in an interview with Jay Leno she spoke in an American accent, but shifted it for an interview with Michael Parkinson.

  • Education

    • Gillian attended a program for gifted students with a strong emphasis on the humanities. She had her nose pierced in the early 1980s and dyed her hair various colors. Her high school classmates voted her as "Most Bizarre," "Class Clown", "Most Likely to go Bald" and "Most Likely to be Arrested." Fulfilling the last of these predictions, she was caught trying to jam the high school doors by filling their locks with glue on the eve of her graduation, for which she was arrested.

      Anderson was interested in marine biology, but began acting her freshman year in high school productions, and later in community theater, and served as a student intern at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre & School of Theatre Arts. She attended The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago (formerly the Goodman School of Drama), where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1990. She also participated in the National Theatre of Great Britain's summer program at Cornell University.


    Major achievements

    • In 2003, she won the Whatsonstage.com Theatregoers' Choice Best Actress Award for her West End debut in Michael Weller's two-hander "What the Night Is For". The following year, she starred in Rebecca Gilman's play "The Sweetest Swing in Baseball" which ran at London's Royal Court Theatre from March 25 through May 15, 2004. From May 14 through July 18, 2009, she played Nora in a new version of Ibsen's "A Doll's House" at the Donmar Warehouse in London. She received a Laurence Olivier Nomination for her performance.


    Denomination: Christian



    Writers: Eckhart Tolle "The Power of Now" , M. Scott Peck "The Road Less Traveled" ,Ellen Bass "The Courage to Heal"

    Anderson was interested in marine biology.


    • father: Edward Anderson - United States
    • mother: Rosemary Anderson (née Lane) - United States - computer analyst
    • First Husband: Clyde Klotz - The X-Files series assistant art director
      They married on New Years Day, 1994, on the 17th hole of a golf course in Hawaii in a Buddhist ceremony; divorced in 1997.
    • Daughter: Piper Maru
      born September 25, 1994
    • Second Husband: Julian Ozanne - documentary filmmaker
      In December 2004, Anderson married Julian Ozanne, a documentary filmmaker, in the village of Shella on Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya. Anderson and Ozanne announced their separation on April 21, 2006.
    • third husband: Mark Griffiths - director
      With Mark Griffiths, Anderson has two sons, Oscar (born November 1, 2006) and Felix (born October 15, 2008). They ended their relationship in 2012.
    Gillian Leigh Anderson
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    Born August 9, 1968
    (age 49)
    • 1986
      City High-Middle School



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