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Göran Bror Andersson (Göran Bror Benny Andersson, Benny Andersson)

Benny Andersson isa swedish musician,one of the founders of the famous ABBA.

He is an owner of the Hotel Rival in Stockholm, which was opened in 2003. He belongs to Kulturslussen-gängen (the group which takes a stand against construction reforms in the old part of Stockholm).

Benny Andersson has a fortune worth at least US$ 130 million.


  • Benny's parents are Gösta and Laila Andersson.

    In 1949-1952 the Anderssons lived in Eskilstuna. In 1948 Benny's sister, Eva-Lis Andersson, was born. At the age of 6 Benny got his first musical instrument - accordion, as both his grandfather and father enjoyed music. He was greatly influenced by his grandfather. At the age of 10 he started to take the piano lessons. He was taught by his father Gösta and grandfather Efraim to play Swedish traditional and folk music, as well as popular compositions and songs.

  • Education

    • After he finished high school Andersson joined his first band "The Hep Satrs". When it disbanded, he had to pay tax debts for four years.


    • When Benny met Björmn Ulvaeus their fruitful cooperation began. It’s interesting enough that they two invited their girlfriends Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Agnetha Fältskog to sing back-vocals in the song "Hej gamle man". It was a solid basis for further development of their common career.

      In 1964 he was invited by Sven Hedlund to the "Elverkets Spelmanslag", a folk music ensemble. About that time he started to write songs for the group ("No Response" & "Sunny Girl"). He entered the "Hep Stars", which were known as "The Swedish Beatles", in October the same year as a pianist. <br/>In 1966 he met Björn Ulvaeus and their cooperation began. Their first thing was "Isn't It Easy to Say". <br/>In 1973 the group under a new name, Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid, participated in Melodifestivalen and took the 3d place with the song "Ring, ring". <br/>In 1974 ABBA was formed, the group wan Eurovision Song contest in Brighton with their hit "Waterloo". The majority of ABBA's songs were written by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus. <br/>In 1982 the group split since its participants had difficulties to combine their public and private lives. <br/>In 1982-1990 after ABBA disbanded Benny-Bjorn went on and gave fruitful results in the form of stage musicals "Chess"(included even rap-lines) of Tim Rice and "Kristina från Duvemåla"(classical and folk music, based on Vilhelm Moberg's novels). He is also known for his cooperation with other musicians, with the Swedish band “Gemini”. He coproduced music for the film "Mio in the Land of Faraway". <br/>In 2001 Benny Anderssons Orkester (BAO) was formed; it consisted of 16 participants. <br/>In 2003 he was even represented in supplement to Verbums Psalmbook. <br/>In 2004 Benny, as well as other 3 members of ABBA appeared in project "Our last video" dedicated to Eurovision Song Contest that year. <br/>In 2005 he became the first Swedish pop-billionaire. <br/>In 2007 Benny worked on the music for the film "Mama mia!", rerecording old ABBA songs. <br/>Benny wrote a special work "En skrift i snön " with lyrics of Kristina Lugn for the opening ceremony in the concert house Studio Acusticum in Piteå. He also composed music to the film "Sånger från andra våningen" by Roy Andersson. <br/>In 2010 ABBA was included in the Rockn'Roll Hall Of Fame. <br/>In November 2012 Andersson was recognised by Glamour's magazine as “the Sexiest Musician Alive”.

    Major achievements

    • The ABBA band achieved international success. Between 1975 and 1982 it produced 17 singles, which listed in the United Kingdom Top Five. In 2002 Goran Benny Andersson got a professor's degree and in 2007 he became a member of Kungliga Musikaliska Akademien (King's Musical Academy). In 2008 he got a Doctor's honourable degree within humanitarian faculty of Stockholm University. In august 2012 he got honourable doctorate from Luleå Tekniska Universitet (Technological University of Luleå). He was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 2000 in the category the Best New Musical for "Mamma Mia!", based on ABBA music Together with Björn Ulvaeus and Martin Koch he was nominated for Broadway's 2002 Tony Award in the category the Best Orchestrations for "Mamma Mia!".


    • Hep Stars - We and Our Cadillac(1965)
    • Hep Stars - Hep Stars on Stage(1965)
    • Hep Stars - The Hep Stars(1966)
    • Hep Stars - Jul med Hep Stars(1967)


    In 2010 Danish People's Party, far-right political party, used the song "Mama Mia" in its campaign. Andersson said that they couldn't rewrite songs as they liked and that ABBA had no interest in supporting their party. Benny Andersson invested some of his money in Gudrun Schyman in order to make it possible for her to make it into the EU parliament. He supports Schyman’s political ideas by donating SEK 300,000 ($38,981.06) to Feministiskt Initiativ (Feminist Initiative, a feminist political party in Sweden). He said that he sympathized with Schyman’s unyielding fight for equality.


    • Royal Swedish Academy Music , Sweden



    Writers: Vilhelm Moberg

    He is a fan of Polynesian quisine. Favorite drinks are beer and water. His favorite pastime is music, yachting and reading.

    Music & Bands: folk music, classical


    • father: Gösta Andersson - Swedish - engineer
    • 1st wife( -1966): Christina Grönvall
    • Son: Hans Gösta Peter Grönvall - musician
      Sound of Music, On More Time
    • Daughter: Helene Grönvall - Swedish
    • 2nd wife(1978-1981): Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad - Norwegian - singer

      In 1978 Andersson married Frida Lyngstad, but soon they divorced.
    • Wife: Monika Nörklit(1981-present) - Swedish - Tv-presenter
    • Son: Ludvig Andersson - Swedish - musician
    Göran Bror Andersson
    See on larger map
    Born December 16, 1946
    (age 70)
    • 1964 - 1969
      Keyboardist & songwriter, The Hep Stars
    • 1972 - 1982
      keyboardist, singer, ABBA
    • 2000 - 2008
      Stockholm University
    • 2001
      musical leader, composer, Benny Anderssons Orkester



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      • Göran Bror Benny Andersson, Benny Andersson
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      • Stockholm University
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    • Works
      • musical album: Hep Stars - We and Our Cadillac(1965)
        • Link
      • musical album: Hep Stars - Hep Stars on Stage(1965)
        • Link
      • musical album: Hep Stars - The Hep Stars(1966)
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      • musical album: Hep Stars - Jul med Hep Stars(1967)
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      • musical album: Hep Stars -It's Been a Long Long Time(1968)
        • Link
      • musical album: Hep Stars - Songs We Sang 68(1968)
        • Link
      • musical album: Hep Stars - Hep Stars på svenska(1969)
        • Link
      • musical album: Hep Stars -How It All Started(1970)
        • Link
      • musical album: Bjorn & Benny - Lycka(1970)
        • Link
      • Musical: Chess(1984)
        • Link
      • Musical: Kristina från Duvemåla (Kristina from Duvemala)(1995)
        • Link
      • Musical: Mama mia!(1999)
        • Link
      • musical album: Gemini - Gemini(1985)
        • Link
      • musical album: Gemini-Geminism (1987)
        • Link
      • solo album: Klinga mina klockor(1987)
        • Link
      • solo album: November 1989 (1989)
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      • musical album: Orsa Spelman - Orsa Spelmän (1988)
        • Link
      • musical album: Orsa Spelman - Fiolen min(1990)
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      • musical album: Orsa Spelman - Ödra
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      • musical album: Benny Anderssons Orkester - Benny Anderssons Orkester(2001)
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      • musical album: Benny Anderssons Orkester-BAO! (2004)
        • Link
      • musical album: Benny Anderssons Orkester- Story of a Heart(2009)
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      • musical album: Benny Anderssons Orkester- BAO på turné(2005)
        • Link
      • musical album: Benny Anderssons Orkester - BAO 3(2007)
        • Link
      • studio album: ABBA- Ring Ring(1973)
        • Link
      • studio album: ABBA - Waterloo(1974)
        • Link
      • studio album: ABBA - ABBA(1975)
        • Link
      • studio album: ABBA - Arrival(1976)
        • Link
      • studio album: ABBA - The Album(1977)
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      • studio album: ABBA - Voulez-Vous(1979)
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      • studio album: ABBA - Super Trouper(1980)
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      • studio album: ABBA -The Visitors(1981)
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      • Anni-Frid Synni Lyngstad
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