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Santiago Iglesias

Santiago Iglesias was a Spanish territorial delegate.


  • Iglesias, Santiago was born on February 22, 1872 in Coruña, Spain. Son of Manuel and Josefa (Pantin) Iglesias.

  • Education

    • Educational public schools, Coruña.


    • Josefina (Señora Jose Antonio Laborde), Libertad (Señora Robert L. Moore), America (Señora Frank W. Thatcher, Junior), Fraternidad, Igualdad (Señora Bolivar Pagán), Justicia, Laura, Luz, Manuel, Eddie. Founded, 1898, Free Federal of Workingmen, P.R. Organizer Armed Forces and L., P.R. and Cuba.

      Secretary Pan American Federal of Labor, since 1925. Senator P.R. Legislature, 1917-1932. Territorial delegate from P.R., 73d, 74th and 75th United States Congresses.

      Editor Porvenir Social, 1898-1900, Union Obrera, 1903-1906, Justicia, 1914-1925. Home: Santurce, P.R.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party


    • United States House of Representatives

    • the first Senate of Puerto Rico


    • Married Justa B. Iglesias, 1902. Children: Santiago.
    • father: Manuel Iglesias
    • mother: Josefa (Pantin) Iglesias
    • spouse: Justa B. Iglesias
    • child: Santiago Iglesias
    Santiago Iglesias
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    Born February 22, 1872
    Died December 5, 1939
    (aged 67)
    • 1917 - 1932
      Senator P.R. Legislature
    • 1925
      Secretary Pan American Federal of Labor
    • January 1, 1925 - January 1, 1933
      secretary, Pan American Federation of Labor
    • January 1, 1933 - January 1, 1939
      Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, United States Congress


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