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John Franklin Jewell

John Franklin Jewell was an American lawyer and diplomat.


  • He practiced law at Galena in 1896-1902.

    In 1902-1906 he was appointed American consul at Martinique, French W.I. Then he served as a consul at St. Michaels, Azores, Portugal (1906-1908), at Melbourne, Australia (1908-1911), at Vladivostok, Siberia (1911-1914), at Chefoo, China (1914-1916), at Lourenço Marques, Portuguese East Africa (Aug. 3, 1916-June 17, 1918), at Batavia, Java (1918-1921), and at Birmingham, England (since 1922).

    Has traveled extensively in N. America, W.I., Australasia, Northern Asia, Europe, the Far East, and Africa.


  • father: Edwin Jewell
  • mother: Ann (Reed) Jewell
  • Wife: Jeannette Sherwood Seers
    They married on June 2, 1923.
John Jewell
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Born May 11, 1874
Died October 23, 1927
(aged 53)
  • 1896
    University of Michigan


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