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George Sichuk

George Sichuk, American entrepreneur, creator and builder mental analyst, writer, atomic scientist, biochemist, physiologist, transcendental academic theologian. Good will ambassador United States Government, Cuba, 1960; coach Police Athletic League, Lincoln Park, 1977—1979; Chief Executive Officer New Jersey Citizens Organization, 1967—1968; executive and coach Orthodox Citizens' Club, New Jersey, 1980—1990.


  • Sichuk, George was born on May 10, 1933 in Butler Township, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Stephan Nicholas and Eva (Hawranick) Sichuk.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, Drew University, 1954. Doctor of Science, Rutgers University, 1962.


    • Research associate Sloan-Kettering Institute Cancer Research, New York City, 1961—1971. Assistant professor biology Montclair State College, Upper Montclair, New Jersey, 1972—1975, William Paterson College, Wayne, 1975. Lecturer interdisciplinary studies Bloomfield (New Jersey) College, 1976.

      Science teacher Eastside High School, Paterson, 1988—1993. Entrepreneur author Lincoln Park, since 1993.

    Major achievements

    • Achievements include clarification of relationship of the endocrine and immune systems to cancer to direct attention to the nucleic acids (DNA and Ribonucleic acid). Clarification of transplantation immunology. Proof that "butter yellow" a dibenzanthracene used to give margarine a yellow color is a carcinogen.

      Research in the role of sex hormones in thrombotic disease. Research in dynamic relationship between dietary protein quality and function of adrenal cortex in mammals. Research in nanotechnology and peaceful use of atomic energy.

      Research in harmonic function of the human brain, denial of monotheism. Research in and proof of origin of viruses, identifying vectors of disease. Research in kidney transplantation.

      Proof that Data Encryption Standard can cause thromboembolic disease.


    • Author: My Presidential Library, 1959, Gabriel's Voice, 1996, Uriel's Light, 1997, One Man's Testament, 1998, Constitutional Imperatives for Rational Government, 2003, Common Sense Plus, 2004, The Pentian Truth: Thomas Paine, the Mozart of Reason, 2004, Miracles of Evolution, Tragedies of Evolution Voodoo Religions, 2007, Invisible Essentials of the Biosphere, 2007, The Pythagorean Fact: Life is not a Theory, 2008, Miracles of Spring, Evolution Equals Food, Splitting the Photon, 1945, Walking on Air, 1960, The Star People, Life is a Rohrshach test, 2009, Living Phosphates: Photon Spin Resonance, Judge of Judges. Contributor articles to professional medical journals.


    Good will ambassador United States Government, Cuba, 1960. Coach Police Athletic League, Lincoln Park, 1977—1979. Chief Executive Officer New Jersey Citizens Organization, 1967—1968.

    Executive and coach Orthodox Citizens' Club, New Jersey, 1980—1990.



    Geo-politics, house maintenance engineering, golf, flying, music.


    • Married Georgiana Nadya Stroyen, July 27, 1968.
    • father: Stephan Nicholas Sichuk
    • mother: Eva (Hawranick) Sichuk
    • spouse: Georgiana Nadya Stroyen
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    • 1954
      Drew University
    • 1962
      Rutgers University
    • 1961 - 1971
      Research associate, Sloan-Kettering Institute Cancer Research
    • 1972 - 1975
      assistant, professor biology Montclair State College
      New Jersey, United States
    • 1975
      assistant, professor biology Montclair State College
      Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States
    • 1976
      lecturer, interdisciplinary studies Bloomfield (New Jersey) College
    • 1988 - 1993
      science teacher, Eastside High School
      Paterson, New Jersey, United States
    • 1993
      entrepreneur author, Lincoln Park