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Lev Sapega

Lev Sapega was a noble and statesman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.


  • Lev Sapega was born in a Belarusian family in Astrouna, near Vitebsk.

  • Education

    • Lev Sapega was first educated at home. Then he had graduated from Leipzig University majoring in philosophy, law and statehood.


    • Lev supported a political union with Muscovy in 1584-1600 and led the diplomatic mission to Moscow in 1600 that proposed the union to tzar Boris Godunov, who declined the proposal. He also participated in wars with Muscovy under rule of Stefan Batory and King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund III Vasa. He became an adviser of Sigismund III and supported his radical plans to take over the Muscovite throne.


    Raised Eastern Orthodox, in his youth he converted to Calvinism and found a number of Calvinist churches in his former estates. In the 1570s he turned to Unitarianism. Disillusioned by the squabbles within the Protestant camp, in 1586 he converted with his first wife to Roman Catholicism of which he became a zealous defender. After the Union of Brest he enforced conformity on the unwilling Eastern Orthodox.


    • father: Ivan Sapega - Belarus
    • mother: Bogdana Drutska Konopla-Sokolinska - Lithuania - countess
    • Wife: Dorota Zbaraska (Firlej) - Poland
    • Daughter: Katarzyna
    • Son: Krzysztof
    • Son: Jan Stanisław
    • Son: Andrzej
    • Wife: Halszka (Elżbieta) Radziwiłł
    • Daughter: Anna
    • Son: Mikołaj
    • Son: Krzysztof Michał
    • Son: Kazimierz Leon
    Lev Sapega
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    Born April 4, 1557
    Died July 7, 1633
    (aged 76)
    • 1580
      Great Secretary, Grand Duchy of Lithuania
    • 1581
      Great Clerk, Grand Duchy
    • 1585
      Court Chancellor, GDL
    • 1589 - 1623
      Grand Chancellor, GDL
    • 1621
      Voivode, Vilnius
    • 1623
      Great Lithuanian Hetman, starost of Slonim, Brest and Mogilev.


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