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Willa John Brantley

Willa John Brantley, American educational association administrator. Certified elementary teacher, Mississippi. Recipient certified of recognition Save the Children Federation, 1986.


  • Brantley, Willa John was born on August 24, 1956 in Carthage, Mississippi, United States. Daughter of Rena John.

  • Education

    • Student, East Center Junior College, 1975. Student, Wood Junior College, 1976. Bachelor of Education magna cum laude, Jackson State University, 1979.

      Postgraduate, Mississippi State University, 1979-1981, 83—.


    • Counselor Mississippi Band Choctaw Indian, Philadelphia, Mississippi, 1979. Elementary teacher Standing Pine School, Walnut Grove, 1979-1981, principal Philadelphia, 1983-1987. Educational specialist Chocotaw Agency, Philadelphia, 1981-1983, 87—, acting agency supervisor for education Philadelphia, 1981-1988, agent superintendent for education Philadelphia, since 1990.

      Teacher evaluator Pennsylvania Department Education, Philadelphia, since 1990. Director Choctaw Department Education, 1990—1996. Substitute teacher Oxford Elementary School, Batesville Job Corporation, Attalla County School District, 1996—1998.

      Legislation analysis and research assistant Office of Tribal Council, 1998—2003, executive administrator, since 2003. Trainers of training National Indian School Board, Philadelphia, since 1987. Curriculum specialist Bureau Indian Affairs-Choctow, Philadelphia, since 1987, staff development coordinator, since 1986.

      Chairman board Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 1991. Board directors Southeastern Region Visions for Education.

    Major achievements

    • Certified elementary teacher, Mississippi.


    Every human being regardless of its race, gender or sexual orientation should have all human and civil rights.

    Party affiliation: Democrat


    The objective people wish to attain is not merely to be saved from something. God wishes his children to be saved to something.

    Denomination: Methodist


    In a society where self-interest and hypocrisy are often seen as dominating, the Christians should nurture and promote values and purposes that are beyond us.


    Volunteer program implementation Save the Children Federation, Cherokee, North Carolina, since 1981. Planning participant national issues forum Kettering Foundation, Dayton, Ohio, 1987. Member task force committee Office of Indian Education Program, Washington, 1985.

    Fellow International Reading Association, Mississippi Staff Development Council. Member Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Minnesota Education Computer Consortium, Choctaw Department Educators (board directors), Red Water Basketball Club, Red Water Community Development Club, Phi Theta Kappa.


    • Married Harlon Dwight Bell, May 15, 1974 (divorced 1979). Children: Chassidy Georgina, Gerrard Dwight. Married Nicky Paul Brantley, January 5, 1985 (divorced 1991).
    • father: Rena John Brantley
    • spouses: Harlon Dwight Bell
    • Nicky Paul Brantley
    • children: Chassidy Georgina Brantley
    • Gerrard Dwight Brantley
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    Born August 24, 1956
    (age 61)
    • 1975
      East Center Junior College
    • 1976
      Wood Junior College
    • 1979
      Jackson State University
    • 1979
      Counsel, or Mississippi Band Choctaw Indian
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    • 1979 - 1981
      elementary teacher, Standing Pine School
      Walnut Grove, Mississippi, United States
    • 1981 - 1983
      educational specialist, Chocotaw Agency
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    • 1981 - 1988
      educational specialist, Chocotaw Agency
    • 1983 - 1987
      elementary teacher, Standing Pine School
    • 1990
      teacher, evaluator Pennsylvania Department Education
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    • 1990
      educational specialist, Chocotaw Agency
    • 1990 - 1996
      director, Choctaw Department Education
    • 1996 - 1998
      substitute teacher, Oxford Elementary School
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