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Mustafa Sandal (Musti)

Mustafa Sandal is a Turkish pop music singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, businessman, and actor .


  • Mustafa Sandal was born on 11 January 1970 in Istanbul.

  • Education

    • When he started school, his classmates and teachers quickly realized his talents in music.

      After graduating, he went back to Istanbul.


    • Mystafa Sandal is one of the most successful pop singers in Turkey with overall sales of 13 million copies.He is not just a singer,but also a songwriter,composer and talented musician.Nowadays he is famous all over the world with his songs in different languages.

    Major achievements

    • Mustafa Sandal released his debut album Suç Bende in 1994. It sold 1.7 million copies and became the greatest selling album of the year with a landslide victory. During this time, Musti gave 140 concerts throughout Turkey as well as thirty concerts in Europe. Musti was interested in working with all areas of music; he wanted to be not only a singer, but also a songwriter and producer.
    • Musti helped write songs and produce Turkish pop singer Sibel Alaş's album "Adam" ("Man"). The album was successful and sold 400,000 copies.
    • Musti has released 11 albums and 2 official singles.


    • İsyankâr
    • Suç Bende
    • Mr. E


    Denomination: Muslim




    Music & Bands: Pop, Techno, Dance, R&B, World, Folk


    • Having been married on 13 January 2008 in Hôtel Les Ottomans à Istanbul to the prominent Serbian Bosniak singer Emina Jahović whom he met in July 2004 in Bodrum, Muğla, he has two sons. The couple's first child, Yaman, was born by Caesarean section in Istanbul on 8 August 2008. He weighed in at 3,700 grams (eight pounds, two ounces). On 21 February 2012, Mustafa Sandal's wife Emina Jahović gave birth at the American Hospital to a baby boy, Yavuz, measuring 51 cm long (20 inches) and 3,110 grams (6 pounds, 14 ounces).
    • Wife: Emina Jahović Sandal - Serbian - singer
    Mustafa Sandal
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    Born January 11, 1970
    (age 47)
    • 1991 - 2013
      solo artist, Yada Productions, Universal Music Group, Şahin Özer Plak, Sony Music France, Sony Music Entertainment, Seyhan Müzik, Prestij Müzik, Poll Production, Erol Köse Production, Doğan Music Production


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