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Fridolin Anderwert (Fridolin Anderwert)


  • Immediately after the election a nasty campaign against him broke out in the press. This was especially about the eating habits of obese bachelor, but there were also rumors that he was a regular visitor in brothels. Drawn by physical exhaustion and severe depression, Anderwert committed suicide on Christmas Day 1880.

  • Career

    • a Swiss politician. For many years he was a member of the Parliament and Government of the Canton Thurgau, and he implemented several political reforms.

      In 1876 he was elected to the Federal Council. As Minister of Justice, he provided the impetus for the creation of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

      In 1851 he began to work as a lawyer in Frauenfeld, from 1853 to 1856 he held the office of a district judge.

      In 1868 - 1869 Anderwert was President of the Constitutional Council.

      As a member of the canton government he was responsible for the educational system; among other things, he raised the salaries of teachers and created professional schools.

      Anderwert took over the Department of Justice and Police. On 7 December 1880, Anderwert was elected to the post of president for the year 1881.


    Party affiliation: Free Democratic Party


    Fridolin Anderwert
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    Born 1828
    Died 1880
    (aged 52)
    • 1870
      President, The National Council
    • 1875 - 1880
      member, The Council
    • 1880
      head, Department of Justice and Police
    • 1880
      Vice - President, The Swiss Confederation


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