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Irina Poleshchuk (Irina Ivanovna Poleshchuk)


  • Irina Poleshchuk, Doctor of Economics, Professor, is a member of the Council of the Belarusian State Economic University, the Educational Council for the Nomination approved by the Ministry of Education, the State Expert Council on Socio-Economic Issues and Problems of Statehood of the Republic of Belarus.

    She participated in the formulation of laws of the Republic of Belarus "On enterprise", "On Price Policy" .

Major achievements

  • Irina Poleshchuk is the author of 120 publications, including three monographs and three textbooks.


  • Price Policy and Marketing
  • Logistics
Irina Poleshchuk
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Born 1948
(age 69)
  • 1965 - 1970
    Belorusian Economic State University
  • 1980
    Head of Logistics and Price Policy Department, BSEU


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