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Yang Huiyan (杨惠妍)

Yang Huiyan is the majority shareholder of Country Garden Holdings and one of the wealthiest people in Mainland China, with an estimated net worth of $7.4 billion USD as of March 2009.


  • When she was studying in middle school, as she used to attend board meetings.But she did not discontinue her education on her own, she pursued studying. At the school, she never revealed her family background. She was also unrelentingly diligent in her studies, even winning the honor of the school president presenting her diploma to her in person.

    While attending the university education, she inherited the Country Garden from her father and at that time, she had to stop her education.


  • She is not an inspiring woman for the Chinese female community; she is only a symbol of lucky person for them, as Chinese are very hard working people, and they believe more on struggle and effort, than in good luck. She did not get the image of heroine among them, because she got her wealth due to her father.

Major achievements

  • Yang's net worth was estimated at $16.2 billion United States dollar in October 2007.


She is a philanthropist, which means "love of man" in the sense of caring for, nourishing, improving, and enhancing the quality of life for human beings.


  • Standing Committee of the People's Political Consultative Conference in Foshan , Guangdong Province


  • father: Yang Guoqiang - China - entrepreneur
    He was a rice farmer and a part-time bricklayer. But now he is a chairman of Country Garden Holdings group.
  • Husband: unnamed
    He is to have graduated from Tsinghua University and studied in the United States. He is also a son of a top official from the north-east. They married after meeting on a blind date.
Yang Huiyan
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Born 1981
(age 36)
  • 2003
    Ohio State University
  • 2005
    manager, Country Garden Holdings group
  • December, 2006
    executive director, Country Garden Holdings group
  • March 27, 2012
    vice chairman, Country Garden Holdings group


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