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Gardiner Hubbard (Gardiner Greene Hubbard)

the first president of the National Geographic Society and one of the founders of and the first president of the Bell Telephone Company


  • The son of a Massachusetts judge, he was an 1841 Dartmouth graduate and practiced law in Boston and Washington, D.C. A civic leader, he helped introduce gaslight to Cambridge, Massachusetts., took a leading role in building one of the country's first streetcar lines, and helped develop and expand telephone service.He served 12 years on the Massachusetts Board of Education and, with his son-in-law Alexander Graham Bell, founded the journal Science. He was founder and first president (1888–97) of the National Geographic Society.


  • father: Samuel Hubbard - supreme court justice
  • Son: Robert Hubbard
  • Daughter: Gertrude Hubbard
  • Daughter: Mabel Gardiner Hubbard
    became deaf at the age of five from scarlet fever
  • Daughter: Roberta Hubbard
  • Daughter: Grace Hubbard
  • Daughter: Marian Hubbard
  • son-in-law: Alexander Graham Bell
  • Granddaughter: Grace Hubbard Fortescue
Gardiner Hubbard
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Died December 11, 1897
(aged 75)
  • 1841
    Phillips Academy Andover


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