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Gustaf Fröding


  • He spent three years at Uppsala University but left without having graduated.


  • After a series of nervous breakdowns he stayed for several months at a German sanatorium. From 1894 on, Froding waged a hopeless fight against the dark powers in his life.

    Froding's moral qualities were those of a prophet. These qualifications, combined with his artistic command of the Swedish language, make him one of the poetic geniuses of Sweden. He created a renaissance in Swedish poetry and influenced not only his contemporaries but also the entire generation of poets and authors that succeeded him. His collected works were published in 16 volumes in Stockholm, 1917-1922. A volume entitled Selected Poems was published in New York in 1916.


  • Gitarr och dragharmonika (English translation, Guitar and Concertina, 1925)
  • Nya dikter (1894; "New Poems")
Gustaf Fröding
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Born August 22, 1860
Died February 8, 1911
(aged 50)


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  • College/University
    • Uppsala University
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  • Works
    • collection: Gitarr och dragharmonika (English translation, Guitar and Concertina, 1925)
    • collection: Nya dikter (1894; "New Poems")
  • Career Description
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