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Ernst Von Dohnanyi

Ernst Von Dohnanyi was a Hungarian composer, pianist and conductor.


  • Under his father; Pressburg under Herr Forstner. Royal Hungarian Academy of Music, Buda Pest, under Professors Koessler and Thoman. Under Eugen d’Albert.


  • His debut as a pianist in 1897 was followed by tours of Europe and America and by his appointment as director of the Royal Music School of Hungary in 1919. In 1931 he became director of the Hungarian Radio and in 1934 of the Budapest High School of Music. He left Hungary in 1948 and in the following year settled in the United States, where he was appointed professor of music at Florida State University.


  • Ruralia Hungarica
  • A Vajda Rornya
  • Variations on a Nursery Song
Ernst Von Dohnanyi
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Born July 27, 1877
Died February 9, 1960
(aged 82)


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    • piano work: Ruralia Hungarica
    • Variations on a Nursery Song
    • Opera: A Vajda Rornya
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    • piano work: Ruralia Hungarica
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    • Variations on a Nursery Song
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    • opera: A Vajda Rornya
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