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Daniel Hudson Burnham (Daniel Hudson Burnham)

American architect and city planner, was born at Henderson, Jefferson County, N.Y., on Sept. 4, 1846.


  • Burnham, Daniel Hudson was born on September 4, 1846 in Henderson, New York, United States. Son of Edwin and Elizabeth Burnham.

  • Education

    • Removed to Chicago, 1856. Educated there and in Massachusetts. Studied architecture at Chicago.

      (honorary Master of Arts, Harvard and Yale, 1893. Doctor of Science, Northwestern, 1895. Doctor of Laws, University of Illinois, 1905).


    • In 1871, he joined John W. Root (1850-1891) in the practice of architecture in Chicago. To this firm were entrusted many important commissions, among them the general architectural superintendence of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893. In order to take care of their large commissions, Burnham and Root developed the large departmentalized type of architectural office later found in many American cities. Burnham and Root were important in the development of the steel-skeleton building frame which made possible the American skyscraper. Among their Chicago buildings which were milestones in this development may be named the Rookery Building, the Rand-McNally Building, and the Masonic Temple, which for a time was the highest building in existence. Burnham's Flatiron Building in New York has become a famous landmark. His practice extended from coast to coast and to foreign lands, as in the development of the city plan for Manila. He prepared plans also for San Francisco, Baltimore, and Chicago, the last with E. H. Bennett. He had much to do with the development of Washington, D.C., and his firm designed the Union Station in that city. Burnham was president of the American Institute of Architects in 1894. He died June 1, 1912, in Heidelberg, Germany.


    Member firm Burnham & Root, 1872-1891, D. H. Burnham & Company, since 1891. Architect of the Rookery, The Temple.


    • Married Margaret S. Sherman, January 20, 1876.
    • father: Edwin Burnham
    • mother: Elizabeth Burnham
    • spouse: Margaret S. Sherman
    Daniel Burnham
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    Born September 4, 1846
    Died June 1, 1912
    (aged 65)


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