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Stefan Hirsch

Stefan Hirsch is an American painter and educator, recognized as a Precisionist painter. Hirsh painted many industrial landscapes which were commentaries on the social and physical alienation of modern urban and industrial life.


  • Stefan Hirsch was born in Nürnberg, Germany, to American parents, Jan. 2, 1899.

  • Education

    • Stefan Hirsch studied at the University of Zürich, and under Hamilton Easter Field in Brooklyn.


    • Stefan Hirsch worked in Mexico, becoming interested in murals, two of which, "Justice", for the Federal District Court at Aiken, S.C., and "Birth, Life and Death", for the Lenox Hill Neighborhood Association, he painted in the 1930's.

      He taught at Bennington College, eventually heading its art department, and at the Art Students League, in New York City, before becoming professor at Bard College, where he taught from 1942 until his retirement in 1961.


    • "Justice", "Birth, Life and Death" (1930s)
    Stefan Hirsch
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    Born January 2, 1899
    Died September 29, 1964
    (aged 65)
    • 1942 - 1961
      Professor, Bard College
      New York City


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