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Norman Foster

Buildings from the Hong Kong and Shangbai Bank high-tise in Hong Kong and the Reichstag building in Berlin to the Millau viaduct in France testify to Norman Foster's characteristic combination of inventive design, superb engineering and ecological concerns


  • At the age of 32 founded his own architectural firm.

    Foster's buildings are high tech, not to be outdone by anything that an inventor for an intelligence service could have devised. Even his early projects caused surprise at the economical and energy-saving way they were built.

Major achievements

  • 1983 - awarded the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Gold Medal.


  • Masdar
  • Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich
  • Carre d'Art in Nimes
  • for the insuarance company Swiss Re
Norman Foster
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Born 1935
  • 1961
    Manchester University School of Architecture and City Planning
  • 1961
    Yale School of Architecture


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  • Major Achievements
    • 1983 - awarded the RIBA.
    • 1983 - awarded the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Gold Medal.
  • Awards
    • Gold Medal
    • The Pritzker Prize
  • Works
    • futuristic project: Masdar
      • Works description
    • building: Beijing Airport, Peking
    • building: The Great Court, British Museum, London
    • building: rebuilding of Reichstag, Berlin
    • building: Commerzbank, Frankfurt
    • building: Stansted Airport, England
  • Relatives
    • Lilian Foster
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