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George Cecil Bateman

George Cecil Bateman, Canadian government official. Decorated officer Order British Empire; C.M.G., 1946. Member Canadian Institute Mining and Metallurgy.


  • Bateman, George Cecil was born on December 25, 1882 in Sutton, Ontario Canada. Son of George A. and Elizabeth (Mara) Bateman.

  • Education

    • studied at King's College School, London, and at Merton College, Oxford where he achieved a first class BA degree in Classical Mods, (1865), and a second class in literae humaniores (1867).

      He left Oxford in 1868 having failed to obtain a fellowship, and briefly became a master at the Manchester Grammar School before spending six years in Guernsey as senior classical master of Elizabeth College, where he began his literary career by submitting his first reviews to The Academy. From 1874 until he returned to London in 1876 he was headmaster of the Elgin Educational Institute, with a brief period in 1877 on the Manchester Guardian. For ten years he was actively engaged in journalism, becoming an important member of the staff of the Saturday Review.


    • Engaged in practice as mining engineer and manager of mines in various provinces of Canada, United States, Mexico, 1905-1922. Head Ontario Mining Association, an organization of all metal mines of Ontario, 1922-1940. Became metals controller for Canada under Department, Munitions and supply, Ottawa, 1940.

      Serving as Canadian deputy member Combined Production and Resources Board, also director general, Washington office, Department Munitions and Supply, also associate metals controller, Department Munitions and Supply, Ottawa, since 1944. Canadian member Joint Material Coordinating Committee, United States and Canada Chairman Canadian section Joint War Aid Committee, United States and Canada Trustee Queen’s U.


    • Contributor to technical and semi-technical, publications.


    Party affiliation: Liberal Party


    Member Canadian Institute Mining and Metallurgy.



    Politicians: john Kenedy

    Writers: Walter Scott's


    • Married Sara Evelyn Bourne, July 1, 1944. Children by previous marriage: John Danvers, Nancy Joan, Crocker, Barbara Cecily Bryce.
    • father: George A. Bateman
    • mother: Elizabeth (Mara) Bateman
    • spouse: Sara Evelyn Bourne
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    Born December 25, 1882
    Died February 4, 1963
    (aged 80)



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      • Contributor to technical and semi-technical, publications.
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      • Elizabeth (Mara) Bateman
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      • Sara Evelyn Bourne
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      • George A. Bateman
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