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Pavel Vasil’yevich ABROSIMOV

Pavel ABROSIMOV, USSR Architect. Chief Secretary, USSR Union of Architects, 1955-1961; full member, USSR Academy, of Construction and Architecture, since 1955. two Stalin Prizes; Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1961.


  • ABROSIMOV, Pavel was born in 1900. Son of a worker.

  • Education

    • Graduated Academy, of Fine Arts, Leningrad.


    • 1928-1935 helped design housing in Leningrad and draft designs for Palace of Soviets in Moscow. 1935-1938, together with Academy I.A. Fomin, built Government House in Kiev. 1941-1945 contributed to construction of defense installations and erection of industry plants in Urals.

      1945-1955 member, USSR State Construction Committee. And chairman of its Council of Experts. Simultaneously helped design Moscow’s Lomonosov State University and helped direct reconstruction, to his own design, of war-damaged Vakhtangov Theater.

      Member, Executive Committee, International Union of Architects. 1958 president, 5th Congress of International Union of Architects in Moscow.


    Member, USSR Academy of Construction and Architecture.
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    Born 1900
    Died March 21, 1961
    (aged 61)


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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