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Alexey Peredereev

Alexey Peredereev - is a Russian fantasy writer, ufologist, editor of the first Russian literary newspaper for children "Limpopo". In 2009 he headed the unique bilingual magazine "Asa", devoted to studying the world's only artificial polysynthetic language, which is based on Arahau.


  • He finished Krasnodar secondary school №18 in 1985, and then he finished radio-technical school in 1989.


  • When he was studying at school, he started his first literary expiriences in the fantasy genre from 1981 till 1985. The first science fiction publication took place in 1983. It was a story "Spaceman BU" . In the early 1990s his works were published in collections and periodicals of Krasnodar Krai. The first book - a collection of fantastic novels "At the heart's break' was published in 1999. Seven fantasy collections were edited from 1999 till 2005, among which "Imitator" and "Mind's cradle" were published in Minsk and Pskov.

    He became one of the founders of the fantasy magazine "Rocket ship Gagarin".

    He was an initiator of the creation of the Academy Arahau (the Academy of Artificial Intellect AKISKUR), the release of "the Encyclopedia of extraterrestrial civilizations". He was the creator and editor of a mystic almanac "Gloomy Genius".


  • Seller of happiness
  • Experiment
  • Gorbun
  • Suicider
Alexey Peredereev
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Born June 6, 1968
Died March 4, 2012
(aged 43)


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  • Works
    • story: Seller of happiness
    • narrative: Experiment
    • narrative: Gorbun
    • narrative: Suicider
    • narrative: Kidnaping
    • narrative: At the heart's break
    • narrative: Gardener
    • narrative: Retaliation
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