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Albert Victor Victor Crewe

Albert CREWE, American physicist and professor. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Science 1962; Medal (Franklin Institute; Award NewYork Microscope Society; Medal, Institute. N.A.S., American Academy, of Arts and Sciences, Scientific Research Society for America, Electron Microscopy Society of America, Chicago Area Research and Development Council.


  • Crewe, Albert Victor was born on February 18, 1927 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Came to United States, 1955, naturalized, 1961. Son of Wilfred and Edith Fish (Lawrence) Crewe.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science in Physics, University Liverpool, England, 1947. Doctor of Philosophy, University Liverpool, England, 1951. Degree (honorary), Lake Forest College, 1972.

      Degree (honorary), University Missouri, 1972. Degree (honorary), Elmhurst College, 1972. Degree (honorary), U.Liverpool, 2001.


    • Assistant Lecturer, Liverpool University 1950-1952, lecturer 1952-1953. Research Association Chicago University 1955-1956, Assistant Professor, of Physics 1956-1959, Association Professor 19596.3. Director Particle Accelerator Division, Argonne National Laboratory 1958-1961, Director 1961-1967.

      Professor Department, of Physics and Biophysics Enrico Fermi Institute since 1963, University of Chicago 1963-1971, Dean, Physical Sciences Division 1971-1981, William E. Wrather Distinguished Service Professor 1977. President Orchid One Corporation since 1987. Con structed England’s first diffusion cloud chamber with Doctor W. H. Evans at Liverpool University.

      Directed construction of large magnetic spectrometer for Chicago University’s synchrocyclotron. Consultant Sw'eden, Argentina. Directed much of design and construction of Argonne’s Zero Gradient Synchrotron.

      As Director Argonne National Laboratory, developed relationships with United States Atomic Energy Commission, Argonne University and Chicago University, expressed in Tripartite Agreement. Invented the scanning transmission electron microscope. Obtained first atom images 1971.

      Fellow, American Physical Society, American Nuclear Society. Chairman 1964), Governor’s Science Advisory Committee for State of 111. Honorary Fellow, Royal Microscopical Society 1984.

      Immigrant’s Service League’s Annual.

    Major achievements

    • Achievements include research on electron optics, design of electron microscopes, first images of single atoms.


    Chairman Chicago Area Research and Development Council. Fellow American Physical Society, Royal Microscopical Society (honorary), Chinese Electron Microscope Society (honorary). Member National Academy of Sciences, Science Research Society of America, Electron Microscopy Society of America (Distinguished Service award 1976), New York Microscope Society (Abbe award 1979), American Academy Arts and Sciences, Palette and Chisel Academy (artist member).



    Sculpture, photography.


    • Married Doreen Blunsdon, April 9, 1949. Children: Jennifer, Sarah, Elizabeth, David.
    • father: Wilfred Crewe
    • mother: Edith Fish (Lawrence) Crewe
    • spouse: Doreen Blunsdon
    • children: Jennifer Crewe
    • Sarah Crewe
    • Elizabeth Crewe
    • David Crewe
    Albert Victor Crewe
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    Born February 18, 1927
    Died November 18, 2009
    (aged 82)


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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      • Achievements include research on electron optics, design of electron microscopes, first images of single atoms.
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