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Paul Charles Zamecnik

Paul ZAMECNIK, American physician.


  • ZAMECNIK, Paul was born on November 22, 1912 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. Son of John Zamecnik and Mary McCarthy.

  • Education

    • AB, Dartmouth College, 1933. Doctor of Medicine, Harvard University, 1936. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Utrecht, 1966.

      Doctor of Science (honorary), Columbia University, 1971. Doctor of Science (honorary), Harvard University, 1982. Doctor of Science (honorary), Roger Williams College, 1983.

      Doctor of Science (honorary), Dartmouth College, 1988. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Massachusetts, 1994.


    • Resident Huntington Memorial Hospital Harvard University, Boston, 1936—1937. Intern University Hospitals, Cleveland, 1938—1939. Moseley traveling fellow Carlsberg Laboratories Harvard University, Copenhagen, 1939—1940.

      Finney-Howell fellow Rockefeller Institute, 1941—1942. Instructor, associate professor medicine Harvard University, 1942—1956, Collis P. Huntington professor oncologic medicine, 1956—1979. Director J.C. Warren Laboratories, 1956—1979.

      Chairman executive committee Department Medicine Harvard University, 1956—1961. Emeritus professor oncological medicine School Medicine, 1979—2009. Principal science Worcester Foundation Experimental Biology, 1979—1997.

      Physician Massachusetts General Hospital, 1956—1979, honorary physician, 1979—2009, senior scientist, 1998—2009. Visiting fellow department chemistry California Technology University, 1952. Visiting Commonwealth scholar in chemistry University Cambridge, 1962.


    Member of National Academy of Sciences, National Academy Medicine, American Philosophy Society, American Society Biological Chemists (Merck award 1997), Massachusetts Medical Society (Annual Orator 1998), National Academy of Sciences, Association American Physicians, American Association Cancer Research (president 1964-1965), American Society Biological Chemists, American Academy Arts and Sciences, Interurban Club.

    Royal Danish Academy, of Sciences; N.A.S., American Academy, of Arts and Sciences, Association American Physicians, American Association of Cancer Research.



    African art, snorkeling.


    • Married Mary Connor in 1936.
    • father: John Zamecnik
    • mother: Mary McCarthy
    • spouse: Mary Connor
    Paul Zamecnik
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    Born November 22, 1912
    Died October 27, 2009
    (aged 96)


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