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Kim Elizabeth

Kim Elizabeth, American writer, poet. Recipient award, International Poet's Society, The World of Poetry, The United States of Poetry, Poetry of the People, The Academy American Poets, International Poet's Academy, India.


  • Elizabeth, Kim was born on April 22, 1978 in New York City. Daughter of Peter Anthony and Loraine A. Weldon.

  • Works

    • Author: Mystical Eyes, 1989, Immortal Heartbeat, 1990, From the Shadows, 1991, Into the Night, 1993, Dark World Vampires, 1995, Netherworld, 1995, (novels) Enter the Dark World, 1998, short stories, poetry.



    Dance, gymnastics, music, piano/violin, illustrating.

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    Born April 22, 1978
    (age 39)