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Elisabeth May Ogilvie

Elisabeth May Ogilvie, American author.


  • Ogilvie, Elisabeth May was born on May 20, 1917 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

  • Works

    • High Tide at Noon (The Tide Trilogy)
    • Young, vivacious Joanna Bennett desperately wishes to be captain of her own lobstering boat, but despite being the favored daughter of Bennett’s Island’s founding family, she is still just a girl in the eyes of the community, and a girl living off the coast of Maine in the early 20th century is expected to mind the kitchen, not tend to pot buoys.
    • Ceiling of amber
    • Clarie Tanner was convinced that she and her brother, Brian, should carry on their father's lobster business, although she was aware that Bennett Islanders opposed winter lobstering for a nineteen-year-old girl and a fifteen-year-old boy.
    • The Dawning of the Day (The Lover's Trilogy)
    • The first title in Elizabeth Ogilvies’ Lover’s Trilogy, The Dawning of the Day follows war widow Philippa Marshall as she carves a life out for herself as a school teacher on rugged Bennett’s Island.
    • The Dreaming Swimmer
    • This monograph details the background, genesis, impact and abrogation of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution which, in November 1975, had equated Zionism with racism.
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    Born March 20, 1917
    Died September 9, 2006
    (aged 89)