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William Cullen Bryant

William Cullen Bryant was an American poet and journalist


  • After the village school Bryant received a year of exceptionally good training in Latin under his mother's brother, the Rev. Dr. Thomas Snell, of Brookfield, followed by a year of Greek under the Rev. Moses Hallock, of Plainfield.

    He was an apt and diligent student through two sessions, and then, owing to financial reasons, he withdrew without graduating, and studied classics and mathematics for a year, in the vain hope that his father might yet be able to send him to Yale.


  • The Embargo (1808, poetry)
  • Poems (1821, poetry)
  • The White-Footed Deer and Other Poems (1844, poetry)
  • Thirty Poems (1864, poetry)


  • father: Peter Bryant (doctor) - doctor
  • mother: Sarah Snell
    She was a descendant of Mayflower pilgrims
  • Wife: Frances Fairchild
William Cullen Bryant
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Died June 12, 1878
(aged 83)
  • 1829 - 1878
    Editor-in-Chief, The New York Evening Post
  • 1846
    Co-Founder, Century Association
  • 1860
    Administrator, founder, New York Medical College


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  • Works
    • poetry: The Embargo (1808, poetry)
    • poetry: Poems (1821, poetry)
    • poetry: The White-Footed Deer and Other Poems (1844, poetry)
    • poetry: Thirty Poems (1864, poetry)
    • poetry: Poetical Works (1876, poetry)
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