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Samuel Griswold Goodrich

Samuel Griswold Goodrich, American author, publisher. Served in War of 1812; member Massachusetts Senate (Federalist), 1837-1839.


  • Goodrich, Samuel Griswold was born on August 19, 1793 in Ridgefield, Connecticut, United States. Son of Review Samuel and Elizabeth (Ely) Goodrich.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts (honorary), Williams College, 1836. Master of Arts (honorary), Yale, 1848.


    • Served in War of 1812. Entered publishing business, 1816. Publisher, editor The Token (frequently included works of Nathaniel Hawthorne including 1st publication Twice Told Tales), Boston, 1826-1842.

      Author The Tales of Peter Parley About America, 1827, 100 other books under pen name Peter Parley. Founder Parley’s Magazine for children, 1833. Member Massachusetts Senate (Federalist), 1837-1839.

      Established, edited Robert Merry’s Museum, 1841-1850. United States consul in Paris, France, 1851-1853. Other writings include: Peter Parley’s Tales, 36 vols.

      Parley’s Historical Compends, 36 vols., Parley’s Miscellanies, 70 vols. The Outcast and Other Poems, 1836. Poems, 1851; Recollections of a Lifetime, 1856.


    Served in War of 1812. Member Massachusetts Senate (Federalist), 1837-1839.


    • Married Adeline Bradley, 1818. Married second, Mary Boott, 1826.
    • father: Review Samuel Goodrich
    • mother: Elizabeth (Ely) Goodrich
    • spouses: Adeline Bradley
    • Mary Boott
    Samuel Griswold Goodrich
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    Died May 9, 1860
    (aged 66)


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