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Ingo Friedrich

Ingo FRIEDRICH, German Member of the European Parliament. mérité Européen in silver.


  • Friedrich, Ingo was born on January 24, 1942 in Kutno-Wartheland, Germany.

  • Education

    • University of ErlangenNuremburg, diploma in economics, 1967, doctorate in political science, 1971.


    • Chairman Nuremburg students representation committee, 1964-1965. Regional Chairman, Junge Union, 1968-1972. Chmn, district Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union) Committee for Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen, 1972-1983.

      Deputy Chmn, Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union) district committee. 1977; Member of the European Parliament, since 1979. Political-economic Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union) spokesman in European Parliament, 1980.

      International Vice-President, PANEuropa Union, 1981. Parly, leader, Christlich Soziale Union (Christian Social Union) delegates to European Parliament, 1983. President, European Mittelstandunion, 1984.

      Vice-President European Mittelstandunion in Brussels, 1985. Military service - 1961-1963. Employee, Institute for Politics and Communications Science, University of Erlangen-Nuremburg, 1967-1970.

      Senior employee, electrical industry, 1970. Head of management division, electrical co., 1978.


    Party affiliation: Christian Social Union



    Sport, music.


    • Spouse Britta Winkler. Children: Christina, Jörg-Michael.
    Ingo Friedrich
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    Born January 24, 1942
    (age 75)


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