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Larry Pressler

Larry PRESSLER, American politician. House of Representatives 1975-1979; several other Senate Committees.


  • Pressler, Larry was born on March 29, 1942 in Humboldt, South Dakota, United States. Son of Antoine Lewis and Loretta Geneive (Claussen) Pressler.

  • Education

    • Bachelor, University South Dakota, 1964. Diploma (Rhodes scholar), Oxford University, England, 1965. Master of Arts in Government, Harvard University, 1971.

      Juris Doctor, Harvard University, 1971.


    • Foreign service officer, 1971—1974. Member United States Congress from 1st South Dakota District, 1974-1978. United States Senator from South Dakota, 1979-1997.

      Chairman United States Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee, 1995-1996. Founder Pressler & Associates, Washington, since 1997. Principal sponsor Telecomm.

      Act of 1996, Pressler Telecomm. Act; member foreign relations committee, 1980-1995. Congressional delegate to United Nations General Assembly, 1986, 92.

      Former business consultant McKinsey & Company. Former attorney United States State Department Legal Advisor' General’ s Office. Senior fellow University California, Los Angeles, since 2000.

      Senior partner O'Connor and Hannan, 1997-2002. Senior advisor Solomon, Smith, Barney and Monitcello Capital. Visiting professor Fudan University, Shanghai, 2005.

      Lecturer American government United States Naval Academy, 2005. Visiting professor, Thomas Hawkins Johnson visiting scholar West Point Military Academy, 2006. Distinguished professor St. John's University, Queens, New York, 2007.

      Distinguished fullbright professor University Bologna, Italy, 2009. Board member, corporation executive Infosys Technologies, Bangalore, India. Board directors Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

    Major achievements

    • Bar: New York, District of Columbia.


    • Author: United States Senators from the Prairie, 1982, Star Wars: The SDI Debates in Congress, 1986.


    1st lieutenant United States. Army, 1966-1969, Vietnam. Member Am Association Rhodes Scholars, District of Columbia Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Bar Association, Century Club (New York ), Metropolitan Club (Washington), St. Albans Tennis Club, Cosmos Club, 25th Infantry Division Association, Phi Beta Kappa.



    Golf, tennis, rowing.


    • Married Harriet Dent, 1982. 1 child, Laura.
    • father: Antoine Lewis Pressler
    • mother: Loretta Geneive (Claussen) Pressler
    • spouse: Harriet Dent
    • child: Laura Pressler
    Larry Pressler
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    Born March 29, 1942
    (age 75)


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      • Bar: New York, District of Columbia.
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      • Author: United States Senators from the Prairie, 1982, Star Wars: The SDI Debates in Congress, 1986.
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